Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day -- A Day Off?

It's been a long time since I posted.  Don't be surprised.  I think I've started three diaries over the years and never gotten past the first week.  I really don't have much to say when it's a one-sided conversation, but I'll do my best to add something interesting or fun that I've learned.  Firstly something not fun.  My Aunt Irma passed away May 24th after a long battle with cancer.  She leaves behind a loving husband and two sons.  My older cousin is in his early years of college.  The youngest is in elementary school.  We miss you, Tia...

I've been crocheting up a storm, mostly baby items I've tested for Shifio.  That pile of stuff is just accumulating!  I've made a few other things for friends and family, and I'm knitting a sweater for myself.  That is taking waaaaay too long.  That's because it keeps being put aside, poor thing.  It's meant to be for the warm weather.  I'll finish it when it's too cold to wear.  A technique I've fallen in love with is the Russian Join.  Less ends to weave in!  Just a few finished projects...

I guess you can say I've been busy.  There are also two swaps I'm in on at Crochetville.  One is for a shawl, and one is for a tea cozy.  I'll post them after they've been received.  I am really having lots of fun!  I do work, by the way ;)

For those in the U.S., Happy Labor Day!  Someone once asked me why we would take a day off on Labor Day.  Isn't it the day TO work?  I don't know.  I take Mondays off anyway.  I think I've been robbed.  lol


  1. WOW! You really have been busy! I love all the little owl jumpers. They are gorgeous!! You do great work! I really need to try out that Russian join. Ends are the pits!!

  2. Thanks. I love Shifio's designs. The crocheted owl sweaters are on her site and now also on Annie's Attic. They are so cute! The red-and-black zigzag matinee jacket and bonnet above was made using the Russian join. If you compare the blue-and-gray one, also above, you'll see the red one has very few ends. I love it.