Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can it be? Will Alfie Soon be Back Home?

I think I spotted him, and if it wasn't him, it's another lost African Grey parrot.  Of that I'm sure.  I was driving along the 605 Freeway South, near the Firestone exit.  I was admiring a hawk up ahead when I realized I was seeing flashes of red.  Upon closer inspection, I saw a red tail!  Then he was directly above us, and I couldn't see anymore; so I yelled to my sis'-in-law to please check because I think it's Alfie!  She actually saw him directly above and discerned the telltale red tail, gray feathers, and white under-feathers!  I am so excited.  There's a riverbed and a park right by where I saw him.  I'm going to start visiting those areas on days off.  I'm bringing his favorite:  Peanuts!  I have missed him so, so, so much.  God grant me the blessing to have Alfie home again.  I do believe; I do believe; I do believe...

The preliminary hearing in my aunt's murder case was supposed to take place this past 22nd of June, but it was continued to July 22.  I was sick with a stomach flu and couldn't go.  I hate not going because the killer's family has the audacity to glare and act threateningly towards my cousins.  Is there no sense of right and wrong in this world?  Yes, their loved one is in jail.  But ours is dead!  If we could have it any other way, she would still be alive, and he would be free!  HE killed my aunt.  How in the world does that entitle them to be offended?  I just hope that he changes his plea to guilty.  Then we can try to heal.  My cousins can mourn their mother's death.  They wouldn't have to defend their wish to have justice served.

June 30th would have been my mother's 58th birthday.  I wonder what she would look like.  She would have loved Marie so much.  She would have been thrilled that my brother is married and is a father.  I hope that someday diabetes can be cured.  I pray that she is resting in peace and that she knows that her sister, my aunt, is buried right next to her.  They were separated as children when they were orphaned, but they'll be together for all eternity.

What a sad day it's now turned out to be.  I didn't set out to make it sad; so I'll get to work on some transcripts, roughs, and then I'll crochet a bit before going to sleep.  I hope it's been a beautiful weekend for everyone.

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