Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's been over a month now that we lost Aunt Narda.  I accompanied my cousin and her sister-in-law to court on Monday.  I had a chance to speak to the Deputy D.A. handling the case.  She's confident that the case will end in a guilty verdict and a life sentence.  She's right that closure isn't achieved even after the sentencing, though.  That will take a long time coming, if ever.  My mom and aunt are buried together now, though.  May they rest in peace and be forever embraced by Our Lord.

I started crocheting again.  Hopefully I can use up my scrap yarn.  I'm just playing around with everything.  I have yet to use my swift and ball winder.  That's today's goal.  There is a sweater I want to make for my baby niece and a doily-ghan I want to finish.  I really should make a list of all the projects I have in mind.  I keep adding more and more but don't seem to advance much.  Then I think of what I want to cook for dinner, and my mind is wandering off again.  I think today I'll make more enchiladas to finish off the sauce I made during the week.  It is nice and spicy.  Being Mexican, I mean spicy.  LOL.  After dinner, I am getting back to my transcripts.  It's a never-ending story with those transcripts.  It's my livelihood, though; so I'm glad for them.

About three weeks ago, my parrot, Alfie, flew away.  I call for him every day, but I know he's either very far away or someone else has him.  He's such a curious boy and loves to talk to people.  I hope he's fine.  I miss him more than I thought I would ever miss him.  I pray every day that he comes back.  Once spring is over and his hormones have calmed down, I hope he's back.  I imagine I hear him every day and then go out looking for him, but of course it's just my imagination.  Be safe, baby.  I love you.

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